Thursday, December 9, 2010

one week post op

things to remember if I ever have to do this again:

1. insist on an epidural- makes the chest tube discomfort negligible.

2. keep the catheter in as long as I'm attached to something else.

3. when switching over to oral pain pills, 1 pill per 4hrs. at first, if not tolerated then try 1 every 6 hrs.

4. say yes to generous friends who want to cook for you. The food has been fabulous and this has saved Drew a ton of work!

5. try to avoid the holiday season next time (really).

6. give myself at least 10 days before doing anything out of the house.

7. pray real hard that my cancer will NOT come back, and I'll never have to do this again!


  1. Thinking of you and I hope you are cancer free by 2011!

  2. And we are praying real hard for you too! Hope you are feeling better. So glad you have such great family & friends.

  3. Hope you recover quicker than you expect!

  4. Let's just all pray really hard that you remain cancer free. Hope you have a restful weekend.

  5. Praying and praying that you will NEVER need to use this advice. :o)

  6. You are always in my prayers dear lady. Here's hoping you now have many cancer free years ahead of you!


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