Sunday, December 5, 2010

EPIDURAL, 8 letters I'm thankful for

I'm home from the hospital, so much sooner than the doctors even thought. They were originally going to keep me in 2-3 nights, but (thank you Lord) my surgeon was able to do a wedge resection, the least invasive of the proposed 3 scenarios. Hooray, I get to keep more lung! Thank you Dr. Force. This may be more detailed info than you want to know, but I want to remember it, just in case, so here it is.

Also, I feel, it's because of good pain management. I had an Epidural put in prior to surgery, to be used as an analgesic port for post-op pain. The most painful part of a VATS procedure comes from the chest tube they have to put in for drainage. This tube goes in ~ 4-5 inches and is the worst pain I've ever felt (even more so than my 3 completely natural childbirths)! With the meds coming through the epidural, I had very little chest pain from the tube and the incisions. It made for a much more pleasant hospital stay. They also kept my foley catheter in for most of the stay too, which this may sound weird, but I like having one. I like not thinking about going or using a bed pan.

Then, I had to transition over to oral pain pills to go home. I took the same "Hydrocodone" prescription I did last year, or so I thought it was the same, but this time for some reason it was making me nauseous, ugh. What's worse pain or nausea? I decided last night that the nausea is worse and have opted for extra strength Tylenol vs the Vicodin I was prescribed. So far it's been okay, and I feel better than yesterday.

My family and friends have all been great! Flowers, phone calls and cards. My hubbie is a superb nurse and is very attentive. xoxox My girls have been in and out to visit and help out and cook. Baby C has been over to smile at me, although I can't hold him for 4 weeks, that's going to be tough! We had our first friend meal tonight, a delicious pot roast, potatoes and carrots. Perfect for this cold winter night and very much appreciated!

Okay, enough for one day, time for a nap... see you tomorrow.


  1. So glad you are home where you belong. See you tomorrow xoxoxo

  2. Aaaah. So glad to hear from you! I hope we are in for some really interesting posts while you are on pain meds. Will give me something to look forward to!! hehe. Praying for you sweetie. With you all the way. XOXO

  3. You are such a trooper! I like the idea of posts while on pain meds. Maybe I should do the same thing—in the spirit of being there for you. :o)

    Stay ahead of the pain meds, but you probably already know that AND ask for Zofran for the nausea. I think it's a dream drug.

    I'm SO delighted they were able to do the least intrusive surgery. I hope Baby C can at least rub his little baby cheek against yours.

    Prayers still coming your way!

  4. you gals are right, I've had some crazy dreams on those meds at night. So colorful and lifelike, I'm almost exhausted when I wake up and remember them. Wild for sure!

  5. So happy you are home!

  6. So glad you are home and doing well!


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