Sunday, December 19, 2010

Oh... my HGTV Christmas tree

I love HGTV! It's always my go-to channel for any TV viewing. I watched the celebrity Christmas home-make-over special the other night and was inspired by Trisha Yearwood's southern floral decorations. The designer took real blooms, magnolias, roses and hydrangeas, and beautifully decorated her music room tree and mantle. After seeing that elaborate room, I couldn't help but feel my "skinny" tree needed a little tweaking... so I headed over to Hobby Lobby for some silk Hydrangea blooms to fill in the empty spaces and give it that "Southern Celebrity" touch.

I bought some white blooms, some lavender to deeper purple blooms,

and some green blooms. Basically, I bought them out of the colors they had in stock that Hydrangeas naturally grow, and left behind the fake untrue to real life colors.

Okay, I know the deep purple is a stretch, but it does give the tree some depth.

Our finished HGTV inspired tree!

I kinda love it!


  1. i saw that special and loved her house, too! looks gorgeous. can't wait to see it in person tomorrow night!! xoxo

  2. My favorite house was Kathie Lee's. That was such a fun show to watch. I was especially impressed, but not totally surprised, at the lack of "materialism and pretense" in Jewel's home and decor! Merry Christmas! Hope you're feeling at or close to 100%. xoxo

  3. What do you mean the purple is a stretch? That thing is gorgeous!

  4. Your tree looks like a pro did it to me. Hard as I try, mine always lacks something. Now I know that a bright color (like purple) would do the trick. Your tree is stunning. Isn't Hobby Lobby like Mecca for crafters & do-it-yourself decorators?

    Here's sending you all of my best wishes & the most cozy & wonderful Christmas with your lovely family, ever.


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