Friday, February 19, 2010

adding your own touch

I'm a "tweaker"... I love to craft things and add my own customizing touch. Kelly had this plain white lampshade in the baby's nursery that was calling to us saying "dress me up"! So that meant a trip to Hobby Lobby for ribbon, in the nursery colors of course, and getting out the trusty ol' glue gun.
First the brown ribbon
and then the dots.
like little underwater bubbles
But I felt the bottom edge needed something too. Ribbon doesn't bend and lay flat around that flared edge, so...
what about pom poms!
But then seeing it in the room it just wasn't right, so back to tweaking again...I peeled off the top ribbon. It just wasn't doin' it for me, not enough contrast against the white. So instead I used this dotted ribbon in brown and blue.
I added ribbon to the bottom border too but pinched it, like a pie crust, and hot glued it on the pleats, so it would lay against the curve of the shade .
There... better!

What do you think?
This one on the left
or... this one on the right

Then on to tweaking the bu
mpers. Kelly was this way and that about using bumpers, it's a controversy for new mother's, if you didn't know that. But then we found these plain cream minky bumpers at BR'U, on sale, that match exactly to the other bedding.
See they even say "Carter's"
They were plain, blah, just cream colored.... so I added the stripe fabric as trim to the top edge. Just enough to make it match and look all custom and coordinated.
I machine sewed the first edge on like bias tape, and then folded it over and hand sewed the entire length. Something to do while watching the Olympics!
Two more items for Carter's cute nursery!

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Are you getting tired of this yet? Just wait until he's actually here, ha!


  1. what happened to totally customized bumpers? i thought you had bought all the fabric to make them from scratch...
    they look great, anyway, though! nice work as always. can't wait to see it all put together in a few weeks (gasp!)

  2. Kris: yes, I did buy all the fabrics, but didn't want to go through all that work if they weren't going to be used. I think these turned out great, with only 1/4 of the effort and cost! :-)

  3. They are great and even look custom since they match the crib sheet perfectly!

  4. I love the bumper! That fabric is so soft. The lamp shade is super cute.

  5. I am not tired at all of seeing your creations. Master Carter is going to come home to quite the digs!

  6. OMGosh - this is the cutest lamp ever! :) xoxo

  7. I like the lamp shade with the blue and brown polka dots. This is a great idea for a baby present (the bumper....would it be weird giving a lampshade as a baby present? Hmmmm.....)

  8. Blue and brown are so nice together.. great job!



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