Thursday, February 25, 2010

want, need, must have!

I realized a bit late in the game, that "game" being Kelly's pregnancy, that I don't have a rocking chair in my house. I... want, need, must have... a chair to rock my grandbaby when he's here to visit! I thought about adding a swivel base to one of the chairs we have now, but when I tipped that chair over to see if it could be done, I decided it couldn't, not to that chair anyway.
So... a shopping I must go!
I've been to six different "chair stores" about town in the last few days. I sat and rocked and glided (glided??). I also shopped online. With a strict budget in mind, I came up with the conclusion that had the best deal. One of the brands they carry is "Best" company chairs, a brand I had seen in two of our local shops. They have only a few of the available fabrics, but they're ready to go, versus a six week order time. They have this black and ivory check swivel glider...and it's 15% off right now. Not a fabulous savings, but if you consider it's already discounted from a custom order, I'll gladly take it!
It just happens to go very well with the port-a-crib we bought and my bedroom re-do.
This afternoon I clicked "place order". It's on it's way and will hopefully arrive before or about the same time as baby Carter.

rock-a-bye baby!


  1. Perfect choice!! And it looks very comfy! And to think, I used a wooden rocker with mine. My, how times have changed.

  2. Oh, I love it. How excited you must be. It is going to look great in your room.

  3. With my 3 babies I used an antique wooden rocker with no arms, this chair would have been heaven! It will be a real treat for Kelly when they visit.

  4. I love, love, love the rocker you ordered! With my own children, I had a wonderful Bentwood rocker that I had custom cushions made for, that matched the baby's room curtains and crib covers. I hated parting with it (and probably shouldn't have) but it went to hubby's cousin & is now with another cousin. We like to keep things in the family, lol!

    Anyway, I think you're so lucky to have found such a wonderfully comfy looking rocker that goes so well with the rest of the room! Bravo!

  5. How perfect! You do know how to find things. What a lucky baby.

  6. I really like the chair! AND it goes with your room. You gotta love that! =)

  7. I can tell you from personal experience — because that exact same rocker from is in my nephew's Baby Bulldawg nursery — that is ONE COMFY CHAIR!

    (And it will look oh-so-adorable in your room :-)

  8. I got my rocker for my babies when I was 16 and didn't use it until I was 30! Solid maple and so comfy but I would have loved pads. I finally gave it away because I didn't have room for it. It was kind of sad. :) xoxo


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