Wednesday, February 3, 2010

does your blog need a face-lift?

I came across a new blog designer I'd like to introduce you to...
She has free 2 and 3 column backgrounds for you to add to your blog.
Thanks Brooke!
Or... if you'd like, she will custom design all the parts of your blog for you.
Here are her package prices:

  • The Blip -$10 Background and Header (text)

  • The Blurb -$15 Background and Header w/ pictures

  • The Babble -$20 Background, Header, Post Divider and, Signature

  • Bibble Babble -$25 Background, Header w/ pics, Post Divider, Signature, Blog Button

  • Babble Everything -$50 Background, Header, Post Divider, Signature, Blog Button, Sidebar Title Buttons, Custom Title Fonts

She has a la carte prices too if you'd like help with just a thing or two.

I also love Sneaky Momma Blog Design for her DIY tips and links.
Read her recent post and the comments to find more sites that fellow bloggers look to for help.

I'm always trying to teach myself something new to change up my blog. I'm trying to figure out an image navigation bar at the moment. If you see one someday at the top of my blog, you'll know I figured it out ;-)

Are you trying to learn something new?


  1. Well thanks for the glowing endorsement! If you need help with the navigation bar, then shoot me an e-mail. I’ve got a few places that may help.

  2. What creative designs. I may have to look in this. I've always enjoyed your creativity on this blog so much.

  3. Thank you! Thank you for this post. I was just thinking the other day that I want to learn how to add a button grab box to my blog. Sneaky Momma Blog Design walks you through the steps!

    Thanks again!

  4. so... notice anything new at the top of my blog? That's right, a menu bar, I did it! Thanks to
    the Girl Creative and this link
    Give it a try yourself!

  5. VERY impressive! I feel so inferior. :o(


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