Sunday, February 14, 2010

sometimes you just need a change...

and an inexpensive way to do this is with paint. Our bedroom had been a sage green for ~ 8 years, a nice color, but when I switched to the new Ralph Lauren black & cream check comforter, I felt the room needed a little warming up. Could it be our cold, rainy, dreary winter had anything to do with my decision? So I chose a Benjamin Moore color "gentle cream", but I had it mixed into Behr paint (since the Home Depot is right nearby and Ben Moore paint is $$$).
So we went from pale gray-green walls
with a strip of border in the molding
to "gentle cream" walls with newly caulked and painted floor and crown molding. It looks and feels so fresh.
BTW... I painted the walls myself, all by myself, rolled and trimmed out. all. by. myself.
Hubby helped caulk and then we both painted the trim.
I hung the plates back above the bed, with my newly purchased platter for the center. Before the new bedding, they used to all be black and white, but I added a red one for a little color, and to bring out the red pillows.
A few more changes will be in the works for this room. I'd like to print out some black & white photography, mat them in red and frame them with black frames, for the wall opposite the bed. Perhaps I'll even try my hand at slipcovers (see that chair in the corner). But for now, the painting mess is finished and the room is put back together.
I'm currently sewing for Carter's nursery, tweaking his bumpers and then on to making curtains. No time to rest... 29 days until his due date! Wow!

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  1. It definitely looks a lot brighter and warmer in there! Good choice! And I am glad you changed the crown molding- it looks great! And how perfect would some pictures of baby Carter be in your room?! Make sure to save him a frame ;)

  2. Love the red with it too.. mishelle

  3. I love the wall color--and those red pillows just make the black and white look so sharp. Great job!

  4. wow, you did Great.. I love the new wall color and your bedroom decor..Give yourself a big ole pat on the back, you deserve it.

  5. That new color looks so fresh and bright with your black, white, and red colors. Love the plates.

  6. Great job. What a difference a little paint makes! I want to repaint my room in a shade of white and this post gives me yet another nudge. thank you!

  7. This looks great! We do the same - go to BM then to Lowe's. I'll have to tuck away this color in my mental files. I've been looking for the perfect cream color, not too yellow, not too grey so I have put it off and done nothing. What's new on the baby news? Must be coming down to the special day. :) xoxo

  8. Very cozy little love nest! I like it!


  9. It looks wonderful! My mom and I just redid my daughter's bedroom. It went from pink & purple princess palace to turquoise (and a touch of silver) teen hangout.

    Now I need to redo the basement bathroom that she plans to take over. I just can't get up the energy to paint again—not yet.

    I do all my painting myself too, but I have to admit to splurging on Ben Moore. I really love their paints.

    P.S. Please take a little stop by my blog. It will help brighten your day.

  10. Ahhh. a little paint goes a long way. Love the room. Don't you feel so proud after you saved some mega bucks painting by yourself?

  11. I love the wall color, definitely warm and clean looking. Now, how do you mean that you choose the BM color and have it mixed into Behr? Do you actually buy any BM paint, or do you take the chip and have Behr color match it? I need educating.

  12. Oh to have color on your walls! Someday I will get to paint a wall something besides beige or white...yes someday. It looks cute!

  13. Virginia House,
    Thanks for newly following! The first white we tried was "Sparkling White" by Benjamin Moore. It was a bit too white for my room, but a nice true ecru white (no other colors coming through). Pottery Barn shows it in their paint line and catalog. The "Gentle Cream" is definitely a shade or two darker, but I wanted that, so my white trim would show.
    Good luck with your white room!

    Home Depot has a list of all the color formulas for all the brands, you just have to know the name of the color, and they can color match too. I have a Duron fan deck that I usually choose from, but for this creamy white, I wasn't finding the right color. I stopped at Ben Moore to check out the Pottery Barn colors, after seeing them online. One cost factor, the HD paint samples are $2.99 vs. the BM at $6.99. Quite a difference if you want to try out your color, which I always do several, first!

  14. Oh so pretty and I love the plates above the bed. Your room is just gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  15. So fresh and clean and pretty... I love to paint!!!


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