Saturday, February 20, 2010

jump in the pool...

...the baby pool that is! We've taken bets on Carter's delivery date. Dates to keep in mind:
Alex picked the last day in February (her b'day month)
Momma-to-be Kelly's birthday is March 5th (no one picked this date)
Lincoln (daddy-to-be) picked March 15, the actual due date
Uncle Greg picked St Patrick's day (maybe we'll have to change his middle name to Patrick?)
Jess picked March 18, her very own birthday!
Kelly picked March 20, the first day of spring

The other dates chosen are all random. I'm thinking Carter will choose one of the open dates, so he can win the pool himself!

If you want in, it'll cost ya $5


  1. 2/22 Dr. appt update:
    Kelly is 2cm dilated and 50% effaced. Could be any day now... or 3 more weeks!

  2. signing Aunt Elaine up for 3/19 as of today!

  3. Even with the 2% news, I want March 23. My reasoning is that she will go one week past her due date, beg them to admit her, which they will, and she will have the baby the next day.


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