Monday, July 6, 2009

the graduate moves home...

We're so happy to have our daughter back home!
but along with her moving back, she has a lot of...

more stuff...
too much stuff!
it feels like another whole house full of stuff!

What do you do when your graduate moves back home with 4 years of stuff and:
1. you don't have a basement
2. you don't really need any of it now
3. she'll need it when she gets a place of her own

I hate clutter
I like organization

little by little we will find a place for it all and her room will look like this again:

She worked real hard on it tonight and is making headway. Hooray!
Let's just say for now I won't be having any dinner parties in my dining room.

I wish we could have a garage sale but we live in a gated community and they are taboo, so... Goodwill here we come!
anybody need any stuff?


  1. My mom could have written this. We are having the same problem here! There is no room for my stuff. I am really trying to get rid of what I don't need but it is tough!

  2. I can't even imagine how much stuff she has! If it's anything like her clothes...yikes!!!

  3. We have a huge storage unit (that we pay for) full of *stuff* the kids want for later, so I understand. However, our daughter's room is exactly as she left it 6 years ago, lol. We call it *the shrine*. We don't want to remodel or redecorate anything because we plan to move at some point. I'm sick of 4 bedrooms, 4 baths, 2 LA's, 2 DA's & a double size lot for just the two of us.

    So, maybe you could just rent her a nice little storage unit...

  4. actually Snooty, we have a storage unit too, from when we moved from our 5500sg ft house 6 years ago. It houses all the stuff from when they were little, that they want for their own kids.
    We will try to squeeze it into the storage unit for sure!

  5. I love that headboard-- where is it from?

  6. MMMMMMyeah...When I commented the other day about "treasuring this time," I forgot about this part. Good luck ;)


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