Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday golf

Our course has been under renovation for several long months now. We needed to update the 19 year old irrigation system and unfortunately cut down a few dozen trees whose roots were a nuisance to the grass. Finally, one side is finished! I can play once again without the dust and dirt blowing up in my face, and actually enjoy the round without distractions.
Today we played with an old tennis gal pal of mine and her husband. No great scoring on my part, but fun just the same. According to my husband though, my drives and fairway shots are the longest he's seen me play.
Hooray, my game is slowly coming together!

par 3 # 11

par 4 # 13 (after the creek)

hopefully someday, I can put together my long game with my short game and feel like a real golfer!


  1. Yay for you!! Yes, that short game is your $$$$$ game ;-) You can bet with the big boys then ;-) hehe xoxo

  2. I totally agree with Preppy! Your short game is where any tournament or competition is won. It's the only reason people don't groan upon discovering me on their team. Everyone knows I can't hit my tee shots more than 140-150 yards, but my short game is tight. All I need is someone to make the tee shots for me, lol.

    This is truly the dilemma of almost every *Average Joe or Jane* recreational golfer. How to get everything working @ once. If we could actually do that we'd be on The Pro Tour, right?


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