Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pottery Barn it is!

It takes me awhile to make a decorating decision. Not because I'm indecisive, but I like to see all my options before I spend the bucks. So, while procrastinating... Pottery Barn came out with a duvet cover in the perfect colors for Grad Girls bedroom. Catalog or online only... I ordered it and it came in this week. It's great! A mix of all the colors we love and wanted to use in there with a slight touch of grays in the pattern (heads up... I've heard that's the new big color for 2010). From my last shopping spree, we had decided to keep the Matlesse' coverlet and shams because the color was the best for all the accessories she has. They were such a good price on sale, we'll keep them and mix it all up. A girl's gotta have options!

The two blend perfectly together! See for yourself...

photo from the PB website

shown here with a few of her accessories

Look at the way the print mimics the glass mosaic of the lamp

Now... on to painting the walls a pale seafoam shade. The color will look great with her sand color carpet. I'll keep you posted with the "after" photos when we're done!

Lovin' color and design!


  1. Beautiful! Can't go wrong with Pottery Barn.

  2. and then do you want to come down to Orlando to help your other daughter paint some of her house??? ;-) xoxo


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