Thursday, July 30, 2009

testing... testing

Not what I'd call...

...but necessary just the same. I've spent more than a few hours this week at the doctors... I got a mammogram, bone density test, colonoscopy, all results are fine, and a CT of the chest (follow up scan). Today I went to my Oncologist to find out the results of yesterday's scan. Looks like those lung nodules are still there, and have increased in size slightly from 2-3 mm to 4-5 mm in size. May mean nothing but may mean "early metastatic disease" to quote the radiology report, so I'll go again in 3 months for another scan work up, chest to pelvis. Dr. Z says not to worry, the nodules could be past scar tissue from prior illness, and we'll just follow up and keep an eye on things. I feel good so I'm just going to forget about it for the next ~3 months with the usual scanxiety the week before.

Later today I see the Dermatologist to get zapped with the frozen stuff and get a mole removed, what fun!

I planned it all for the same week as to enjoy the rest of the summer. It's been a bit rainy here this week in Atlanta anyway, so I haven't missed much. Next week I'll be back to golf and tennis and having summer fun!


  1. Yay! And, I have mad respect for your postponement of scanxiety until the next tests. I've always thought "watchful waiting" was a misnomer--you can't watch those little buggers inside of you while while you wait. It's just waiting-waiting or worry-waiting. Yay, you, for your "putting-it-out-of-my-mind-b/c-I-can't-do-anything-anyway-waiting." :-)

  2. We should definitely have a girls night tonight to celebrate your scan-week being over.


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