Wednesday, July 8, 2009

it's about time for spring cleaning!

Between Grad Girl coming home, and living in our current home for 8 years, a tie with the longest we've ever lived in a house, I've been inspired to do a "cleansing". Anything we're not using is getting ousted!
When you haven't moved in awhile... all your closets need cleaning... especially the pantry! Of course we've cleaned out the pantry before, but this time I went all the way, and actually read all the dates on the food. Today I threw out ~4 trash bags of old food... outdated canned, boxed, anything opened, got tossed! All that food that comes in the Holiday gift baskets you keep but never eat. The oldest thing I found was an unopened jar of fruit jelly dating back to "sell by 2002". Yikes!
Now, after the "cleansing"... I feel good. Like I can bake and not give my family a disease.

Plus, now I have room to put things away after I shop, and actually find it!
Next, on to the attic, the great beyond where nothing ever comes back,
kinda like the freezer for me!

a hard workin'


  1. Looks great!!

    We're headed down to the beach-- just wanted to check in any way possible! I love you!

  2. Nice! It's about time that pantry got a complete clean-out. Did you check the dates on the spices, too? ;-)


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