Wednesday, March 25, 2009

the six pack

Okay, I admit it, I have a silly side, thanks to my dad. I also have figured out that certain color golf balls are easier to see than white under different weather conditions, like when it's a certain time of day and sunny and the glare makes every leaf look like a ball. I once had a colorful "Mr. Peanut" ball I used for a very long time until we tragically parted ways, so sad.
I recently found a "Sponge Bob" ball while searching for a stray tee shot and thought "how fun". I've always loved a cute "logo" ball... it didn't take too long for Bob and I to become friends. I used it as a goof at first but then I realized it was easier to see the bright yellow color. I've also come to like the idea of having a name for my ball, so I can cheer it on or ask it " Bob why would you want to go over there, stay out of the sand" or "Bob, no, come on stay right, not the tree!", or "yes! way to get in the hole Bob!" So one day when shopping at Target in the sporting goods section, I decided to buy a six pack of my own. I have lost a couple of the Bob's along the way, in the woods or the water, but I still have quadruplets, yes, all named Bob. I don't use them all the time... I have conventional white Noodles and Precepts, but... when the glare and the mood is just right, I bring out the Bobs.
What's your favorite color ball, or are you a conventional white ball only player?

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