Saturday, March 14, 2009

soggy weekend ahead

hmm.... not looking good for our outdoor activities for today, or tomorrow for that matter! Our Golf Gals and their Guys St Patty's Day Tourney for tomorrow is in jeopardy, drats! Too bad, but we're meeting rain or shine for the food and drink (green beer and corned beef reubens).
Here's my outfit so far:
I have to come up with something creative for the buttons... a headband maybe... or a necklace? And what to do with that fabric sticker? Looks like I'll be heading over to HB again today!

Okay, so I did make a headband... a little ribbon, some buttons, pompoms and a glue gun... voila!


  1. make sure dad takes a picture of you in that little get up! so adorable!!!

  2. Cute head band. You are very creative! :)


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