Wednesday, March 11, 2009

white elephant wednesday

Think of it as a garage sale of sorts, but with free stuff. Once a month, or maybe when I just come across something, I will post an item that I no longer need in my household, that you may want in yours. If you do, just write me a comment and tell me why you'd like it, want it, or need it.
No random pick here though, I will decide based on comment merit who should get it and send it to you.

Today's hand me down is a cute little shelf that once hung in my daughter's room. Size = 17"tall x 7"wide
If you have a use for it ... leave a comment and say why.

Thanks for helping me with my spring cleaning!
thanks to Kelly of Hamilton Happenings for the button!


  1. You're supposed to give away stuff that your current children do not want...If you cannot pick a winner I would definitely love to inherit that shelf! It matches my bedroom stuff!!

  2. Oh! and PS- I already thought of the button I am going to make to advertise "WEW" for you! It's going to be so cute!!

  3. Stop giving my stuff away!!! You've already given everything to Kelly and Kris. I'm not going to have anything when I move out!

  4. comments from my children duly noted


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