Friday, March 20, 2009

a gal's gotta look good

Spring has sprung, Happy March 20th! Be prepared for the spring 2009 golf season
with a new colorful golf glove by Glove it!

like shoes... you can never have too many!

and while you're at Glove it! get a matching hat, visor, tee bag or towel.
A golf gal can never be too coordinated, and looking good helps your game, right?!

you can find the Glove it! golf line at
all at a discount too,
older styles are a big savings!


  1. Ok Mrs. Nathan, random request. I need your chicken salad and potato salad recipes... please!!!! I can taste the chicken salad as we speak, but am not sure what all you put in yours. There are too many weird variations and I need one that I know works. Also, your potato salad always had the right amount of "wetness" without being too heavy. Please help a hungry, pregnant girl out... :-) (Do I sound pathetic enough??)

  2. I found a website through Golf Girl where you can get the Nicole Miller Glove It merchandise way cheaper. It's called East Coast Golf Sales. At the moment I have 8 or 9 visors & matching gloves, all quite affordable. I love them so... You will love their site!

  3. Thanks Snooty, I will check it out for sure before I order.

  4. That makes my tummy so happy! Thank you!!


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