Saturday, March 7, 2009

ALTA tennis starts this week

In addition to very active USTA league play, Atlanta has one of the largest organized tennis leagues in the US, the Atlanta Lawn Tennis Association. Designed for players of all levels from beginner to pro, with well over 80,000 members.
Now gals, that's a lot of tennis fashion!
Here are some too cute dresses for your spring 2009 tennis season, available at, because you should look as good as you play, right?!


  1. Having had surgery on both knees years ago, I gave up tennis long ago. I have to save my knees for skiing, lol. And, if Mr. Snooty ever found out that I spent that much on a golf outfit, he'd swallow his tongue after strangling me. No matter how much I spend or where I buy an outfit, my stock answer when he asks what I paid for it & where I bought it, is Stein Mart $30.00, lol! If he knew the real truth, he really would swallow his tongue...

  2. We are so lucky here in Atlanta to have the PGA tour store, it's golf heaven!


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