Tuesday, March 3, 2009

it's Chihuahua Tuesday

Today is the day Beverly Hills Chihuahua comes out on DVD! I'm anxiously awaiting it to be on "On Demand on Comcast" too so I can see it for $5. So, in honor of the movie, a post on my pups!
My Chihuahuas, Bailey in particular, just love to be warm. Part of their Mexican heritage I guess, and also being small, and totally opposed to wearing fru-fru clothes, or any clothes at all. Bailey thinks she's being punished if I put something on her and will stand perfectly still (for hours) in the same spot. So... Bailey will follow the sunshine around the room, and let me know by "peeping" at me if the sun has left her spot and I need to move her bed. This just happened, she has me well trained.
And at ~10:30 am, she finds her spot on the sofa, the best sun-bathing happens here. Sharkey loves her sunshine bed too!


  1. Hi SJN!
    I've been meaning to write to thank you for the lovely comments you have posted on my blog. I always enjoy reading them. You did a beautiful job on your daughter's wedding. So you have one more left that is available? Hmmmm. ;) I will never be the mother-of-the-bride but I still love looking at all the wedding trends probably because I had the wedding of my dreams and am still married to my prince charming of 25 years. :)

  2. I've developed a a true love for the funny little dogs because of my friend Asthma Girl over at Is My Cape Fluttering. You have to go see her funny woofers... I just love them!

    You really are quite the wedding event planner. I'm trying to soak it all up just in case my daughter ever meets someone. Sigh

  3. I love your blog and I love your chihuahuas. BTW Cristie Kerr's dog's name is Baily too, but he' a Shar-pei. :o)


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