Friday, March 27, 2009

I love shoes!

The Sandbaggers Story

Sandbaggers have been steadily produced since 1987. The company was founded by Joan Villani, an avid golfer. Not long before Sandbaggers was born, Joan developed her craving for cooler and more comfortable golf footwear. Relying on Maine's deep history for producing handmade boots, shoes and sandals, Joan put her ingenuity to test and created the first golf sandal design, the Kiltie. Nearly two decades have passed and to this day, Sandbaggers still operates by Joan's commitment to producing high-quality, stylish and comfortable golf footwear.

*Note on sizing: Sandbaggers golf shoes run generous from your normal street shoe size. If you plan on wearing a very thin sock or no sock at all as many of our customers do you should order one half size smaller for closed toe shoe orders. If you have a particularly wide foot start with your normal street shoe size. Also, remember that depending upon the time of day and amount of walking/standing you've been doing your foot may be larger or smaller than normal. It's a good idea to try the shoes on in the evening and morning hours and to walk indoors on a clean, soft surface to make sure they are a comfortable fit - especially before walking 18 holes.

Largest selection of women's golf shoes and sandals by Sandbaggers brought to you by


  1. I think I may have to order the pink polka dot sandals to match my pink outfits, so cute!

  2. Fantastic selection of those golf shoes and sandals... I have one which got from Golf Warehouse last week... They are more comfortable for me...


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