Sunday, March 15, 2009

Gal Pals and their Guys St Patty's Tourney

Mother Nature may have kept us from golfing...
but she couldn't stop us from having fun!
Happy St Patrick's day 2009!

can you believe the guys actually wore those hats?!


  1. I love dad's new shirt! You guys look great!! xoxo

  2. Hey neighbor. I'm in Alabama but my husband is from Georgia and is a golf professional. You two probably know each other; he knows everyone. Nice blog; I'm bookmarking it and adding to my Google Reader. I found you via Golf Girl's Diary.

  3. I absolutely love the collage picture you made! And, your golfing buddies look pretty much like mine. What a hoot! Some day we must somehow *meet in the middle* somewhere to play golf. I just know we'd have a blast.

    Ummm... I can guarantee that I'd have to get Mr. Snooty pretty drunk to don one of those hats although I would have been all over the shamrock headbands. Love them!

  4. What a great photo collage Miss Country Club!

    Greetings of the Day to you as well!


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