Monday, March 30, 2009

our legal system at work...

I'm at the Fulton County Courthouse today, hanging out, waiting to be called or not for jury duty. It's a bit of an inconvenience for those of us from the northern suburbs as the courthouse is down town, in the city of Atlanta, but it is "my civic duty". So far, it's been 3 hours of waiting... they've called several groups, actually about 140 people have been called, but not moi. I'm missing my tennis make-up match today for this, my civic duty, hence the bad attitude. I've already finished the book I brought with me, so it's down to the computer to stay entertained. Thankfully all of you out there in the blog world are so very entertaining!

We had another rainy weekend here in Atl, so I did a few projects... like sewing a costume for Kelly to wear to a Moulin Rouge party this upcoming weekend (check her blog for pics of that on Saturday), and making these stamped cards at my friends house. She has everything you'd ever need to stamp and create a card. I could have played for hours. Here are the 2 cards I had time to make... a thank you card w/ chicks for Easter and a golf themed card, my fave, of course!
still waiting at jury duty... is the paint dry yet, did the pot boil?

update... it's 2:15 and there are only ~30 of us left that haven't been called, me included... waiting....

okay... it's now 3:40 and they just took attendance to make sure we're still here, the rest of us that did not get called that is. But the good news is... we've done our duty, time to go home!


  1. Yay for Jury Duty! Just think, you will have an entire year before you are eligible for it again. I hope you are having a good day! xoxo

  2. My 'civic duty' is scheduled for April 9 and I have postponed it forever. I am already turning a frown thinking of being on a drug case or worse.


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