Sunday, March 29, 2009

oh, what an evening...

The sun was setting in Orlando as Tiger Woods was playing the 18th hole at the Arnold Palmer Invitational at Bay Hills. You could feel the tension that Tiger, Sean and Zach must have experienced as they were hitting their last iron shot over the water to the 18th green. Tiger and Sean were tied at that point and all three players landed their shots on the green, but... Tiger was the only one to make the putt.
That was all he needed to come in the winner, his 6th win at Bay Hills and his 66th career win! He's baaaaack!
note the sixes, must be his new lucky number!


  1. Wow!! he is amazing. I didn't see any of it cause I was watching basketball!! I did hear at one point that someone else was ahead and I thought - don't get excited; Tiger has been behind before and it means nothing! haha. . . looks like I was right!!

  2. I always go into Sunday golf pulling for the underdog, but I end up celebrating Mr. Wood's victory. He gives me chills. It's amazing to watch him pull off some of his wins. A champion through and through.


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