Tuesday, March 10, 2009

feelin' the love

I'd like to pass on an award I recently received, to a new blog friend of mine Preppy 101 of
"All things Southern and Preppy".
A fellow retiree who loves her family, decorating and "My Fair Lady" (just happens to be my favorite musical too). Too bad you don't play golf Preppy!
I did the math from your "Barbie" post to figure out that I could give you this Fabulous at 50 Blogger Award
I hope you accept this award, Preppy 101, given to you from a Yankee celebrating being down south for 20 years this April.


  1. I LOVE this award!! Yay for 50! Yes, I am 59!! and love thinking I am fabulous!! Thanks. So sweet!! xoxo

  2. You're welcome! Thanks for being a fun read.


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