Saturday, March 28, 2009

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We are all touched by cancer in some way... and if not yet, chances are someday you will be.
You can participate to help raise money for the American Cancer Society with a minimal donation of $5 to $10 for the song or soundtrack "All are our Heroes". Click above to hear the story or click below to either download or purchase the CD.
Make this man's effort worth it and buy the song!
Get it out there to your friends and let's bust the bar way over the $1 million mark!
Add the button to your blog and link it to . Leave a comment and I'll enter you double in my upcoming contest.
Thank you, someday we will find a cure!

"ATLANTA -- A metro Atlanta man is trying to raise $1 million for the American Cancer Society with a song that's dedicated to cancer survivors. The song is available to download with a donation at

It was written by David Greer, publisher of Gwinnett Magazine. "We always cover the Relay for Life," Greer said. He appeared on 11 Alive News Saturday Today. "This year, I wanted to take it to another level." Greer caught the attention of Shawn Mullins, a Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter from Atlanta, who agreed to produce the song. "Shawn Mullins stepped up," Greer said. "He's had some experience with cancer, like the rest of us, and he stepped up with his band and did an awesome job."

Greer appeared on 11 Alive News Saturday Today.

"One night sitting down in a quiet time, a song came, and I wrote it down," Greer said. "I hear stories every day from cancer survivors about how the song touches them." Greer took the song to a young talent, Rachel Farley, who's only 13 years old. She wrote the music, helped with the lyrics and performed song. He also had the help of some young cancer survivors, who gathered in the studio to help sing the chorus. David's website also includes a video with testimonials from survivors."

story by Jennifer Leslie

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